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Photography is my way of seeking answers to some of life's most seemingly intricate questions. It is a journey of self-discovery and understanding. I take pictures to make a mark... and to leave one. Photographs leave our legacy of how we see the world. This legacy is our mark. I want to make and leave marks for myself and for the generations to come.

I pride myself in traveling to beautiful locations worldwide and taking photographs of beautiful urban and natural landscapes in an endeavor to learn more about the beautiful and amazing landscapes that the Creator himself has created and has even guided the mere mortals to build those amazing urban landscapes and in the process try to get answers to some of the most difficult questions of the life.

I had the privilege of growing up in a small hill town in India surrounded by beautiful landscapes and ever flowing waterfalls. Those were the days when my love for landscapes started and since then it has taken me to several beautiful places across the globe and my love the landscapes – nature and urban has grown many folds since then. I love traveling around the world in search of beautiful and amazing masterpieces.

Currently I am based at New York, and am always in search for newer an newer endeavors to shoot beautiful landscapes throughout the world.

Contact me at ajay@vanshvisuals.com

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